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Board Rack Keyboards Drum Setup (The Keep) Good Ol' Tape Bass Tracking Frank (The Barbers)
Claudio (Surkalen) Jimmy (Jackleman) Brass Tracking Guitar Tracking Cuatro Tracking Coffee Break Yves (Jackleman)
Congas Steph (Deeply Confused) Phil Mius Low Battery Guitar Tracking Drum Paroxysm 2004 JPL (Photo par Sandra Ulloa)
Meet "Beurk!" Bass Tracking Fall View Udu Tracking Fender Amp Frank (Paroxysm) Guitar Tracking
Guitar Tests (The Barbers) Gargouille Maria (Surkalen) Guitar Traccking Meet "Beurk!" Lush Lamp Bass Tracking
Meet "Beurk!" Guitar Tracking Drums... Roni (Surkalen) Guitar Tracking Pierre-Luc (The Barbers) Vocals
Coffee Break Drum Under Revolution In Memory Of Steeve Hurdle In Memory Of Steeve Hurdle Drum Setup (Social Revolver) Sandra (Surkalen) Joel (The Barbers)
Keyboard Kustom 8x12 Stack Lidia (Terracine) Martin (Terracine) Mic Plant Charango Tracking PYL
Drums... Classical Guitar Spring View Darbouka Tracking Speaker The Barbers 2010 Pop Lamp
Vocals Frank (Social Revolver) Control Room (2010 and before) The Studio in 1997
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Voici quelques photos prises au cours de diverses sessions.

Vidéos plus bas. (D'autres sous peu)
Fuck The Facts "The Making Of Stigmata High-Five"
- 2006 -
Deeply Confused "Torment In The Shade Of The Totem Pole"
(Filmé, produit et réalisé par JP Latour, Studio En-Phase)
- 2008 -
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Jean's morning warm up (Obscurcis Romancia)
- 2007 -
Wishez Denied E.P. recording sessions
- 2007 -